We are a leading company in the field of HVAC in Iran. Our business has been initiated from year 2001, where we introduced Wirsbo Quick & Easy plumbing system in Iran.
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Our business has been evolved ever since. We are a reliable partner for our major international partners including Uponor, Tiemme, Superpex, and also Capricorn .  We are No. one Company when it comes to Under Floor Heating systems in Iran. Our wide range of world class pipes and accessories, along with our knowledge in this field, has made us the primary choice for consultants and builders in Iran.
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In our head office in Tehran, we have a group of experienced, highly talented, and educated employees that offer the best possible service to our clients. Our state of the art show room is a place for plumbers to have a close look at our systems, and our academy is providing the basic knowledge and also upgrades for interested plumbers and engineers.
We partner with professionals in HVAC industry, therefore, our motto in NBN is “ Partnership with Professionals ”. Our company gives trust to international companies to see some outstanding results from our partnership. In our local market however, NBN normally stands for quality and long lasting service.
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